Voice Tracking - Freelance

CJ Radio is seeking an individual to perform remote voice tracking in a work from home environment. Our successful candidate will be responsible for providing voice tracks for their scheduled shift that reflect our local community and the prairie environment. Our programming trends more toward news and current events and we do not regularly air entertainment industry type material.

You'll be responsible for integrating our local coming events and happenings into your tracks. You'll make sure to follow facebook groups, twitter, etc for the area to be up to date on what others are talking about. And, you'll be providing your tracks in a timely manner so they are fresh.

It is important that you have a home environment where you can provide broadcast quality audio. We will work with you on how to get your tracks into our automation environment but you won't need to learn a new system or be responsible for live supervision of the program - we'll take care of that.

This could be a job you work part time with another career or while you work at another station. However, it is important that if you work at another station it's coverage area does not overlap with our own. For the right person it could also be a full time position. You may also be given an option of relocating for in office work in the future but relocating is completely optional.

Are you ready to make excellent content and connect with an audience without the hassle of moving? We're ready to see your application!

Please send us your resume along with some samples of your work. We want to hear from you how long it takes you to