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Zoë & The Milkman’s Halloween Weekend Jam

Hi programmer! Looking for a fun show to add to your weekends?

Have a listen:

This week:

Is a Halloween display made to look like the wreckage of the Titanic submarine in poor taste?

Also... Zoë's pumpkin carving contest, and why we need to find chickens.

What city do you think is Canada's top party city? We have the answer!

Plus Meme's We've Seen, Top Halloween Movies on Netflix, Back In My Day, movie review Keith Whittier ( shares his thoughts on Five Nights At Freddy's and Anatomy Of A Fall... And he predicts big things for the star! (Trailers below)

Sex With Sue's Sue McGarvie ( tells us why women prefer funny to buff, and it's the debut of FAST FACTS!

We're on CJRO FM and every weekend, and we're online @

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