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Hello, John! I just wanted to say the new website looks GREAT!

I'm so happy there's someone like you in the industry helping everyone out like this, my first job at peacefm and my current job at CKDM all came from milkman, and i'm sure more in the future will too! Great work.

- Cole Pops

You kick ass! Lol. I wasn't expecting it to go up til Tuesday.

- Mike Doll @ CHAT Posting a job on a Sunday of a long weekend.

I owe you a huge thanks! I landed my dream job at (station) because of you and your website. And to think I was *this close * to giving up my dream, all because another radio employer told me i wasn't good enough.  But me finding that ad on your site saved my career and my dream. Thank you so much, and if you're ever in (market) give me a shout!

- M.

All of my radio gigs came from a posting on your site... well that and my natural charm.

- Laurie

Your site has not only kept me in touch with my long term goals in this industry, but helped me land my 1st job in this industry. And you yourself have been incredibly helpful to me, personally and professionally.

- David

I teach at Fanshawe, John. I talk to my students every year about MMU and how it not only directs them to jobs, it keeps them current in the industry. Thanks for keeping broadcasters connected!

- Chris Harding

I teach at SAIT, and they hear about Milkman in week 1. Your site is the absolute best! Thank you John!!

- Richard Stoobant

You are the hub (and the standard) of everything radio.

- Jamie

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