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About Milkman UnLimited

The question we get most often is, "why is the site called Milkman?"

Well, quite simply, The Milkman is the on-air nickname of John Mielke, founder of And the person doing the writing so I'm going to stop referring to myself in the third person.

This website came to be in the mid nineties when the internet was still quite new.  At the time I was an on air host at KOOL FM in Ottawa, part of the CHUM group.   I was reluctant to adopt computer technology until my best friend (and the station's MD and APD) gave me an old computer of his and insisted that I learn it.  Computers were on their way to the on air studio to replace the reel to reels and CD's, and I was going to have to learn.

I quickly became fascinated by the ability to source information and to communicate via the web!  However, I wasn't finding much in the way of content that applied to Canadian radio.  Those sites that I did find, I bookmarked.   Shortly thereafter I wanted to be able to access those sites in the studio, so a basic web page was built.   Additionally, a Usenet Newsgroup was created called - but it quickly became overrun by spam.   That's when my friend created a message board called MilkPREP.

MilkPREP caught on quickly and, as the internet gained popularity and access became easier, the message board grew significantly.

Eventually it was obvious to me that a good amount of the content needed a place of its own.  Things like industry news, and job opportunities.   And that's when this became more than just a hobby for a guy who was (and is) so passionate about radio.  In 1996, it officially became a small business.

I named it Milkman UnLimited because I have always kind of giggled when I hear businesses with Ltd. at the end of their name.  I am a very creative thinker and don't ever want to me limited.  So... Milkman (my nickname) and UnLimited became one.  MMU for short!

In more recent years, especially following a format flip that saw my job of 23 years vanish, this site has become my full time job.   As the broadcast industry evolves, so does MMU; adding more stories and job opportunities for TV broadcasters, and multimedia companies.  Again... We're NOT limited!


Additionally I am a professional voice over talent and own and operate my own internet station, - a growing enterprise which is welcoming more and more veteran talent who are looking to keep their skills sharp while awaiting their next opportunity.

On June 30, 2018, took a major step forward, launching our most modern and sophisticated site yet!   It is my hope that the work I do here serves you well in your pursuit of your dreams in the broadcast industry.  It is truly my pleasure to be able to provide this platform to the industry that I love so much.

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