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Talent Banks Update - Southern & Central Ontario

Bayshore Broadcasting Corporation - Talent Banks Update - Southern & Central Ontario


Were you recently told by someone in HR at a giant telecommunications conglomerate that you work in a business that isn’t viable anymore? (Not any telecommunications conglomerate in particular, of course… we’re just generalizing.)

Don’t hang up your headphones just yet. Local radio is absolutely a viable business, and needs people like you. How we operate is changing, and how we reach our listeners is changing, but we still do the same thing we have always done – immersing ourselves in the communities we serve, and telling their stories.

Bring your ideas, enthusiasm, passion, and talent to Ontario’s cottage country. Bayshore Broadcasting’s 9 stations cover the Lake Huron shoreline from Grand Bend to Parry Sound, blanketing southern and central Ontario with entertaining, informative, and connected radio.

At Bayshore, we believe that radio is still necessary as a source for news, music, local events, fun, and a friendly voice when times are tough. We don’t just believe radio is a viable business – it’s a growing business, and we’re proving it every day.

If you love what you do, and love the idea of living in one of the most beautiful parts of the country, send us your stuff. Feel free to brag about what you love to do, whether it’s on the radio or on a long weekend. We may not have a position open for you today, but if there’s one thing you should know about radio by now – it’s that you never know what tomorrow will bring!

Email your resume, audio, and whatever else you’d like us to know about you to


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